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Hello! I am Paola Mallucci, an assistant professor of Marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin - Madison.

My primary research interest lies in understanding the role of social preferences in shaping consumers’ and firm behavior using behavioral and experimental economics methodologies. In particular, I have focused my attention on the role of fairness in channels. In a stream of papers, my coauthors and I investigate the role of channel structure, investments, power, risk and beliefs in shaping perceptions of fairness and determining the profit split between channel member firms that collaborate to sell to a final consumer, but compete on profit and/or margin allocation. 

In addition, I have investigated the role of altruism and social pressure in the presence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focusing on the possible negative effects of social pressure on consumers' preferences. I found that, in competition, firms can benefit from CSR and get higher profits, even if it might have a negative effect on consumers’ utility.

My research has been published on the Journal of Marketing Research.

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